Warehousing and Fleet Management

At Al Seer, Warehousing & Distribution is an extension of its guiding philosophy of creating and maintaining valued customer base, while maximizing corporate profitability. Al Seer Logistics has proved to be an effective tool in achieving this. Re-inventing and evolving itself, by understanding the expectations of the trade and industry; has paved the way for Al Seer Logistics to become one of the most successful Distribution centers in the region.

Representing as many as +90 prestigious principals from the world over, with 12 state-of-the-art ambient and temperature controlled warehouses, totaling to a storage space of 42,000 m2, running a fleet size of 75, serving 24/7, a customer base of 4,500, ranging from A class customers to small community groceries – is precisely what Al Seer Logistics does in UAE and Oman.

Al Seer feeder warehouse in Al Quoz is equipped with state of the art technology having the facility of multiple temperature zones for storage of food and non-food categories that run into as many as +4,000 product lines. Added to this is the in-house co-packing facility that complements the group’s efforts to service various tactical promotions & co-packing activities in record time with minimum product handling, thus resulting in cost optimization.

The Group’s efforts to service the industry is supported by an adequate and well laid out infrastructure and IT systems & processes. Use of SAP in the distribution function facilitates integration of the entire process from demand planning and ordering to the final stages of product delivery at the outlet level.

Outbound orders and deliveries to customers at Al Seer are process oriented, and go through a system of stringent checks on customers’ credit limits before release. This is followed by a carefully planned and system driven picking of released orders with a 100% FEFO and batch compliance. Resultant processes of billing and delivery to end customers are further traceable to order-level by the use of SAP supported by a unique ERP based Transport module. This helps delivery tracking at the order/customer level, and facilitates quick resolution of queries.

What, then, distinguishes Al Seer Logistics from other distribution centers, in a country that has witnessed one of the fastest growth rates in non-oil sectors in the region, where FMCG distribution has transformed, from a mere delivery of goods, into a value added service, and, where increasing congestion in traffic day by day throws challenges for operating efficiencies?

While past statistics can be guiding factors in achieving better efficiencies to be successful in the short run, it is the corporate vision, and, path-breaking innovations, and the conviction in implementing these initiatives that determine the success and the uniqueness, in the long run. Al Seer Group shares this strategy, and acknowledges this as an area to seek constant improvement.

Services offered by Al Seer Logistics include:

  • In-house Clearing & Forwarding

  • Management of Inbound Consignments

  • Storage of food & non-food, in multiple temperature zones

  • Sales Order Processing

  • Order picking

  • Outbound Deliveries

  • 24/7 Customer Service Desk

  • In-house Vehicle Maintenance Unit

  • Productivity measurement through system driven tools

  • Product Damage & Expiry Monitoring

  • Perpetual Inventory Check