Arabian Oasis Food Company

Arabian Oasis Food Company

Arabian Oasis Food Co (AOFC) was formed as recently as March 2007, by Al Seer Group (ASG), the oldest and largest distributors in the Lower Gulf. The purpose for the formation was to expand our wings into diversified categories whilst maintaining focus on current businesses. We have started our AOFC operations with a separate Beverage and non-beverage division.

We have dedicated sales and merchandising teams, who are passionate about their businesses. AOFC has in the short span of time become the preferred partner for many new businesses which have entered the Oman retail market. For pre-existing and running businesses, moving into a partnership with AOFC Oman has been a refreshing experience; attested by accelerated growths and better return on investments.

AOFC Oman has an extensive coverage across the Sultanate of Oman via comprehensive coverage of Upper Trade & Lower Trade. The organization structure and front line sales force requirement is customized for the beverage & non beverage businesses. Stationary Merchandising teams for almost all key outlets results in maintaining and refilling shelves on an ongoing basis.

State of the art ERP based SAP systems help the customer marketing team in reviewing and analyzing market situation. This helps in providing guidance to the sales team in achieving the targeted goals and growth plans. Systems are also the basis used for forecasting and order processing.

To provide the desirable level of service, AOFC Oman has 6 Warehouses to cover the vast geographic area of the Sultanate of Oman, which makes us stronger in terms of coverage, compared to our competitors. Temperature control (to maintain product ‘freshness’), palletized handling and racked storage, helps maintain the quality of our products.